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Youth Ministry


AMPLIFY: God’s Sovereignty: Peace

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” - Matthew 6:34

There are times when we have to do something tangible to tame intangible fears. Find some small stones and write a word on each one that represents a worry in your life. Carry these out to a field or forest with soft soil, and push each one into the ground so it can’t be seen or easily found. As you do, commit this area or thing to God as a prayer.

Read Matthew 6:31-34. Sometime later this week, return back to the general area you buried the stones. Without going on a deep search for what you buried, note that the stones are not visible to the naked eye unless you really go looking for them. This is what happens when we pray – we can release our worries to God, and they become completely covered by His power and love.

About Our Youth Ministry

Our youth have the opportunity to meet twice a week for fun, food and Bible study. They meet on both Sunday and Wednesday evening at 6:00. Youth is for students in grade 7 through high school.

The Youth Ministry at First Baptist Church of Rochelle is here to:

INVEST in the next generation of young people

INSTRUCT how to live for and grow in a relationship with God

INSPIRE by example and challenge to let Faith stand out

IGNITE a Passion for Jesus, Love for one another, & Commitment to God

We want today's youth to be equipped for the world ahead of them by being Exceptional, Godly Men & Women of integrity that will transform their homes, schools, churches, and the world for Jesus Christ!

Helpful Information

Date & Time

Sunday & Wednesday @ 6:00 PM