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First Baptist Church of Rochelle

In 2004 this church responded as the Southern Baptist Convention asked all SBC churches to become a part of the Acts 1:8 Challenge. This commitment has caused our church to greatly enlarge the scope of our participation in Missions and Ministry. We began to look at our Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and Uttermost Parts with a new vision and found opportunities to serve almost everywhere. Many of our members are trained in all phases of Disaster Relief and have served in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and the tsunami in the Philippines. Others identified with the Baptist Builders and began to participate in construction projects statewide and nationally. Youth were challenged to become World Changers and have ministered in Florida, Mississippi, and Alabama. Mission Teams have traveled to South Carolina, West Virginia, New Mexico and Honduras to assist ministries in those areas. Our Jerusalem is reached through a very active and effective prison ministry at the Wilcox State Prison and through a Food Distribution Program that has fed as many as 300 + families in Wilcox County. Our Senior Adults are active and travel to the nursing homes and assisted living homes providing singing and ministry to the occupants. The Acts 1:8 Challenge has also caused our church to grow spiritually and numerically as we find favor with God and with our fellow man. Many new members have come to First Baptist because they see a church that is active and outward focused. God has blessed us to become a blessing. We invite you to visit us to see what God is doing in our midst. If you are seeking a church home, this might be the place that God has in mind for you and your family.
First Baptist Church of Rochelle
First Baptist Church of Rochelle4 weeks ago
Thank you for your many prayers and your desire to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas. I am in contact with my Disaster Response peers in Texas and other states preparing for the relief effort.

The most recent update I have is:
This disaster is already larger and has affected more homes than Hurricane Katrina.
The only group currently being allowed in is the military with high-clearance vehicles.
Evacuations have started in Lousiana
Let me share three things with you in this email that will hopefully help you in your response efforts: 1.) Our plans as credentialed Disaster Relief volunteers; 2.) Tangible opportunities for your church; and 3.) Our limitations as a Disaster Response ministry.

1.) I fully anticipate sending multiple teams to Texas, but not until I have a request to go, know where I’m headed, and the waters begin to recede. Our primary foci for this type of disaster includes mass feedings, childcare, chaplaincy, and mud-out. However, we cannot effectively perform any of those ministries until waters recede.

2.) What can you do?
a.) I trust you are already praying, which is the greatest thing any of us can offer.

b.) You can donate to DR efforts by clicking on the link below. All proceeds will be used to help disaster victims.

c.) We are in need for credentialed volunteers! You can attend our upcoming DR Orientation on September 16 at New Providence Baptist in Forsyth. Information and registration can be found at

d.) You can assemble and collect Buckets of Care. Information is located at, or click bucket ingredients and mud out instructions for PDF files.

e.) I would discourage you from collecting supplies unless you know that what you are collecting is needed, have the means to transport them, and know for certain you have someone there ready to receive and distribute them.

3.) As wonderful as the ministry of Disaster Relief is, we are limited. We are not first responders. We do not have the capacity to help with warehousing and transport of donations. Because of our agreements with other state conventions and relief organizations, we do not self-deploy. Our purpose is to serve those who are affected, which normally requires patience on our part.

I promise to do my best to maintain clear communication through multiple outlets: email, Facebook, and website. Please know that I am also dependent upon receiving information from my counterparts in those states that are affected by Harvey, and they are just a little busy!!

Thank you!

Stuart Lang
State Missionary

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